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Vijayanand Telugu Movie Review – 123telugu


Vijayanand Telugu Movie Review – 123telugu

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Director: Rishika Sharma.

Post the success of Kantara, one more Kannada biggie has been dubbed in Telugu, Tilted Vijayanand, this film is the biopic of the famous businessman from Karnataka, Vijay Sankeshwar.

The film was released today and let’s see how it is..

Vijay(Nihal Rajput) works in his dad’s(Ananta Nag) printing press and takes it to the next level.

How he achieved so much in life is the story of the film..

Plus Points:.

The film is based on the owner of India’s biggest logistics company VRL PVT Ltd. Nihal Rajput plays Vijay Sankeswar and he is good in the initial parts of the film.

The best role is of Ananta Nag, the senior actor who is very good in the film.

Prakash Belawadi, who plays the newspaper owner was good in his role.

Kannada star Ravichandran sizzled in a small but key role and he too was good.

The second half has decent drama and the journey of Vijay Sankeswar was showcased in a decent manner.

The production design of the film is quite good..

Minus Points:.

The casting of the film is the biggest drawback.

Though Nihal Rajput does well in the young portions of the film, he could not carry the mature role of Vijay Sankeswar in the film.

A more noted and aged actor would have done a lot of justice to the film..

After an interesting start, the film becomes a documentary kind of a movie.

As the director wastes too much time on the initial phases, the key aspects of Vijay Sankeswar’s political journey, his tryst with the media barons, all this is not highlighted properly..

There was so much scope to create drama but the director failed to do so.

The pace of the film is also very slow and it is quite lengthy.

As said earlier, the production design of the film is pretty good.

The setwork and Telugu dubbing were good.

The film is quite lengthy and the audience in Telugu will surely find it slow and boring due to this aspect..

More than creating drama, she just showcased the biopic in a documented form and this is where Vijayanand might not be liked by a few sections of the audience..

On the whole, Vijayanand is the biopic of Karnataka’s biggest businessman Vijay Sankeshwar.

As the biopic on whom the film is made is popular in Kannada, the people there might like it.

For Telugu audiences, there is nothing great to watch out for and ends as just another routine, slow and dull biopic..

decent drama,

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Vijayanand Telugu Movie Review – 123telugu

Vijayanand Telugu Movie Review – 123telugu

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