This 11/11 is about manifesting and opening your heart chakra - VOGUE INDIA

This 11/11 is about manifesting and opening your heart chakra – VOGUE INDIA


This 11/11 is about manifesting and opening your heart chakra – VOGUE INDIA

This 11 November or 11/1, you can channel your higher self. Get in touch with this sacred energy through self-care rituals

Manifesting helps you stay focused and positive by practicing self-care and positivity hacks.

The date 11/11, or 11 November, needs to be marked on your calendar, no matter how intrigued you are with the concept or how experienced you are with manifesting.

The date 11/11 is spiritually significant because it awakens your inner self and allows you to listen to the voice within. Numerologist Farzana Suri believes this date is powerful in allowing your inner voice to be heard.

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Meditation experts and energy coaches alike have mentioned how universal energy can fuel our desires and visions at this time, perhaps more than ever before.

It goes without saying that 11/11 falls just a day before the full Taurus moon, which will bring you the stability you need to achieve your dreams.

This year, 11/11 falls within the Scorpio season, bringing us deeper into our spiritual rituals and enabling us to reconnect with ourselves and our deepest purpose.

11 November is a powerful force of manifestation and new beginnings.

A new beginning is promised by the opening of the spiritual portal on 11/11. The time period between 11 November and the end of November is the most effective for forging new paths and bringing new visions to life.

If you’re looking to maximize the impact of this synchronicity and alignment, try following the 11 November Energy Ritual from 11:11 to 30 November, from the 11th to the 30th.

Your life has been enjoyable because of the people, circumstances, and things that have made it so.

Are you focusing on what truly matters to you?

The following three rituals can help you connect with the abundance of 11:11’s vibrations.

In order to center the senses, Suri recommends lighting a candle and diffusing patchouli oil.

Make your deepest desires come true in the present by writing them as though they have already unfolded.

It is a powerful feeling for me to gaze into the flame and visualize my manifested life.

In addition to manifesting, Shrimankar recommends scripting your reality as another effective and easy way to access the 11:11 portal.

Don’t worry about what other people think about you, as you will never be able to manifest what they think.

An outline of your dream reality is essentially a script.

You don’t have to be shy about writing down details that excite you and make your life easier.

To ensure that you’re ready to receive everything, write it in the present tense,” Shrimankar advises.

In conjunction with yellow paper and a red pen, she recommends journaling – this stimulates the brain into action while subconsciously aligning you towards realizing your dreams.

You can align your heart and mind at 11:11 if you are feeling stressed or suffering from respiratory issues or low immunity.

Various methods can be used to improve intuition; the simplest is to follow a guided meditation of the heart chakra that emphasizes ‘yam’ vibrations. In addition to balancing the heart chakra, essential oils like frankincense, geranium, neroli, and sandalwood can also be used.

It extends beyond just visualizing, journaling, and making vision boards, as Suri says.

The goal is to take action to make an intentional change each day, every week, and every month.

Manifest your dream life.

This expert’s guide to moonology will teach you how to set intentions and achieve your goals.

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This 11/11 is about manifesting and opening your heart chakra – VOGUE INDIA

This 11/11 is about manifesting and opening your heart chakra – VOGUE INDIA

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