Sam - Greatandhra Disease: Do You Know?

Sam – Greatandhra Disease: Do You Know?


Sam – Greatandhra Disease: Do You Know?

A condition called Vestibular Hypofunction was recently diagnosed with Varun Dhawan.

A condition called Vestibular Hypofunction has been diagnosed with Varun Dhawan.

In a tweet, Varun shared his health status, writing, ‘Hey guys, I know I recently had an interview in which I mentioned my health wasn’t 100 percent.

A second tweet from Varun stated: “To everyone who was concerned, I would like to share that by practicing yoga, swimming, and getting physiotherapy, I am doing much better.”

Chiranjeevi to Samantha: You shall overcome this challenge too!

In one letter, Varun’s fans begged him to watch out while he was doing the promotions; he urged the actor not to push himself too hard or be too hard on himself.

Twitter’s Greedy Game With Elon Musk.

Twitter may soon have a paywall behind it as Elon Musk considers monetising it.

A recent meeting between Musk and his Twitter colleague, tech investor David Sacks, included discussion of the idea.

In the past year, Shweta Bhatia, a dietitian, has worked with Suryakumar Yadav on his diet.

His diet was planned to help him boost performance, maintain body fat, remain cognitively alert/energetic, reduce the need to refuel constantly and promote recovery.

‘PayPM’ has deliberately taken steps to ensure two to three of his billionaire friends monopolize India’s economic development, Rahul Gandhi said on Tuesday.

As the six-year anniversary of demonetisation rolled around, Congress’ Gourav Vallabh called it “the death anniversary of the Indian economy”, calling it the biggest loot in independent India’s history.

As part of the November full Moon, it coincided with the ‘Beaver Moon.’

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Sam – Greatandhra Disease: Do You Know?

Sam – Greatandhra Disease: Do You Know?

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